Copperworks Plum Gin (750ml)


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For a few years, we received a batch of Italian Prune Plums from Warm Valley Orchard on Orcas Island, WA, owned and worked by Bob and Maria Nutt. Bob is a brother of Micah Nutt, one of the founders of Copperworks. We filled various kinds of barrels with the plums and Copperworks Small Batch Gin and a year later, we would release Copperworks Plum Cask Finished Gin, part of what we call our “Experimental Gin Series.”  

The gin was so popular that we decided it should become a part of Copperworks standard line-up of spirits and we intend to offer a new release each year. Though it is still very much a handmade agricultural product, so volumes will continue to be somewhat limited.  

This year's release was produced by finishing Copperworks Small Batch Gin in five charred, new American Oak casks for about 100 days. We then transferred the gin to stainless steel tanks to rest on pitted Italian Prune Plums from two local family farms: Warm Valley Orchard and Lazy River Farm.

Tasting Notes: Mulled wine, candied fruit, and baking spice aromas explode from the glass. The flavor is equally bold, with stewed fruit, red wine, and big, fresh plum juice notes followed by tannins and dark cherries. 

750ml, 40% ABV. 1,397 (750ml) bottles produced.  


WA Tax Information: 

WA State Address pricing option includes the 20.5% WA State Spirits Tax and $3.77 WA State Spirits Liter Tax ($2.83 for 750ml bottle)

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Shipments to Kentucky: 6% KY Sales Tax, 11% KY Wholesale Tax, and $0.38 (per 750ml bottle) KY Excise Tax will be added at checkout.

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