Copperworks American Single Malt Whiskey Release 047 (750ml)


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Copperworks American Single Malt Whiskey is created from 100% malted barley and twice-distilled in Scottish copper pot stills. 

Release 047 is our largest blend to date, made from a combination of four casks crafted from our Five Malt recipe and nine casks crafted from Baronesse pale malt. All casks were new American Oak, char #2 with a mix of 24-month and 36-month seasoned staves. The Five Malt casks matured for three years and nine months while the Baronesse casks matured for three years.

Tasting Notes:

The iridescent amber color of this whiskey is as eye-catching as the scent is attention-grabbing: orange icing on a doughy cinnamon roll and honeysuckle, surrounded and balanced by oak. Sweet tea mingles with nectarine, chinotto, melon rind, and sweet cinnamon across the palate. Release 047 finishes brightly with abundant oak, unripe mango, crispy phyllo dough, a touch of white pepper and a hint of mint, leaving you wanting another sip. Enjoy on its own or, with warmer days at hand, as the base for a John Collins.


750ml, 50% ABV


    WA Tax Information: 

    WA State Address pricing option includes the 20.5% WA State Spirits Tax and $3.77 WA State Spirits Liter Tax ($2.83 for 750ml bottle)

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    Shipments to Kentucky: 6% KY Sales Tax, 11% KY Wholesale Tax, and $0.38 (per 750ml bottle) KY Excise Tax will be added at checkout.

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