SOLD OUT! Copperworks First Cut 2022 Subscription


Get the first cut at our special, limited-edition releases and the only cut at an exclusive whiskey release. A limited number of First Cut subscriptions are available.

>>>>  Please note: we cannot ship Copperworks spirits to the following states:

Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, or Virginia.


    First Cut subscribers will be able to buy any of our special limited-edition releases one week before they're available to the public. And you’ll receive one bottle of a special single cask release of Copperworks American Single Malt Whiskey exclusive to First Cut subscribers. 

    How it Works:

    For a one-time fee of $125 (not including shipping), Copperworks First Cut 2022 subscribers will receive: 

    • Ability to purchase first: throughout 2022, we’ll give you the chance to order all special, limited-edition (fewer than 800 bottles) releases of Copperworks products by e-mail 7 days before they go on sale to the general public. You’ll receive a link to a special page in our online store where you can choose in-store pickup or have bottles shipped to you (where state laws allow). 
    • Exclusive Whiskey Release: This year’s release comes from something we refer to as a "Queen’s Run", which produces the most flavorful whiskey a distillery can produce. We've borrowed this term from the rum industry to describe one of our types of distillation. In our distillation process, we make cuts to separate the heads and tails from the hearts of the run. The hearts are what is matured in casks to create our American Single Malt Whiskey, while the heads and tails must be redistilled, generally with the low wines from the next brew. Every so often, we have enough heads and tails to do a re-distillation that is entirely heads and tails, or the "Queen’s Run.” The whiskey for this year’s exclusive First Cut bottling was redistilled from the heads and tails of three different recipes: Pale Malt, Five Malt, and Baronesse Malt. It was then matured in a charred new American Oak cask for 43 months and bottled at its natural cask strength of 59.8% ABV. It has Aromas of grapefruit rind, candied orange peel, and lime leaf dominate. The flavor features toffee, red tea, roasted pineapple, cinnamon, and licorice, with a lengthy finish of even more fruit and spice. Another great sipper for our cask-strength whiskey fans.

    Even though all of our releases are quite small and special relative to the majority of the whiskey industry, we consider anything over 800 bottles a "Standard" release and not part of the First Cut Program. We don't expect those larger releases to sell out too quickly, so you should have no problem getting your hands on them.

    To give First Cut as a gift: put the name and e-mail address of the intended recipient in the “Add special instructions” box on the “Your cart” page of the online store. And put the recipient’s name and physical address for the Shipping Address.   

    Get more details on Copperworks First Cut in our FAQ.



    • Copperworks is able to ship spirits ordered online only to those states which allow it (see shipping info for details). We’re not able to ship outside the United States.
    • If state shipping laws change and Copperworks loses the ability to ship to a customer’s state before we've sent the First Cut-exclusive bottle of whiskey, we will refund the entire First Cut purchase price of $125. If the customer has received the exclusive bottle, but shipping laws change and no longer allow shipping of liquor into their state, no refunds will be made.
    • There’s no limit on how many First Cut subscriptions you can buy, but each subscription is limited to one bottle of the special release.
    • Purchasing First Cut does not guarantee the availability of new releases for advance purchase. Releases are available while supply lasts.

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