Copperworks Hand Sanitizer


NOTE: We can only ship 8 oz. bottles of Copperworks Hand Sanitizer. All other sizes are available for pick up at the distillery only. Seattle Area delivery available for bulk orders. 

FREE SHIPPING deals do not apply to orders with 1 case or more (24 bottles+) of hand sanitizer. For bulk orders, please contact us so we can arrange the best shipping options for you. 

BULK DISCOUNTS: Discounts available for bulk orders on 8 oz. packaging. Contact for more information. 

Copperworks Hand Sanitizer is a liquid format (not a gel consistency) which meets FDA and WHO specifications. It is available in individual bottles and in bulk:

    Buy One, We Donate One

    For every ounce of Copperworks Sanitizer sold, we will donate an equal amount to a care-giving non-profit organization in the Seattle area. Our thanks to our incredible community of first-responders and care-givers.

    Discount for Frontline Organizations

    Individuals employed by or purchasing on behalf of non-profits, first responders, government entities, healthcare organizations, grocery stores, or hospitality businesses (restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, etc.) may use the promo code FRONTLINE to receive a 15% discount on sanitizer products.


    Product Details

    • Produced using WHO Formulation #1
    • Alcohol Antiseptic 80%
    • Topical Solution
    • Non-Sterile Solution

    For External Use Only 

    Ingredients: alcohol, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide, purified water USP. 

    Copperworks Hand Sanitizer Safety Data Sheet

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